Display Your Hats Like Never Before®

Our mission is simple—to revolutionize the hat industry. We're not just about providing hat collectors with a way to display their hats; we aim to create a platform for hat enthusiasts to proudly share their prized hat collections. With our premium adhesive hat hook, the possibilities are limitless.

The Original Squatchee™ - Display Your Hats Like Never Before®

The Original Squatchee™

Introducing The Original Squatchee™, the first-of-its-kind premium adhesive hat hook that allows you to showcase the front of your hats in style. Say goodbye to ordinary hat displays and embrace the innovative design of our hat hook, emphasizing the best part—the front! With our cutting-edge hat holders for walls, you can transform any blank wall into a stunning gallery for your treasured headwear collection.

The Original Squatchee™ - A Better Alternative

A Better Alternative

Tired of cluttered spaces and bulky hat racks? The Original Squatchee™ hat holder is the perfect alternative to traditional hat organization methods. Say farewell to hat racks, closet hat organizers, shelving units, pegs, and door hangers, and say hello to the sleek and seamless display offered by our adhesive hat hooks. Embrace the future of hat display with The Original Squatchee™ hat organizers and redefine the way you showcase your caps.

The Original Squatchee™ - 3 Easy Steps

3 Easy Steps

The Original Squatchee™ hat display is as easy as 1-2-3! Just peel the adhesive, stick it to your desired wall, and you're ready to display your hats. Simply slide the squatchee button into the hat hook, and voilà—your hats are beautifully showcased on the wall! It's that effortless to elevate your hat display to a whole new level.

The Original Squatchee™ - [skwot-chee]


The name "Squatchee" pronounced [skwot-chee], holds a special meaning. It's derived from the fabric-covered button found on top of the hat. This unique button inspired the design of our hat hooks, which securely hold your hats in place by sliding the button into the hook. We knew our creation deserved a name as distinctive as its functionality, and thus, The Original Squatchee™ hat hanger was born.

With our adhesive hat hooks, baseball cap holders, and wall mount hat display, you can finally Display Your Hats Like Never Before®. Embrace the simplicity and elegance of The Original Squatchee™, and let your hats take center stage on your hat wall, turning it into a stunning display of your personal style and passion for headwear!