The Original Squatchee™ Foam Tape Adhesive Just Got An Upgrade

The Original Squatchee™ Foam Tape Adhesive Just Got An Upgrade

As an avid hat collector, you may know how frustrating it can be to find ways to display your hats without ruining your walls. Traditional solutions like hooks and nails, can leave unsightly marks on your walls, while expensive shelving and display cases often leave your prized hats hidden away and out of sight. But thankfully, there's a better solution - The Original Squatchee™ Premium Adhesive Hat Hooks just got an upgrade and we're here to tell you what that means to you!

The Original Squatchee™ 2.5x Stronger

2.5X Stronger

The Original Squatchee™ adhesive hat hanger is now two and a half times stronger than before! Your hats will stay secure, without any risk of falling off. You can also keep your walls safe from holes and nails by getting a stronger hold with our upgraded Foam Tape Adhesives. If you're on the market for a hat hook that won’t disappoint, look no further than The Original Squatchee™.

The Original Squatchee™ We Listened To You

We Listened To You

Our customers are our number one priority, so when you told us that you wanted a stronger adhesive, we went to work and made it happen! We're always listening to your feedback and working to improve our products, so don't hesitate to Let us know what you think. It's our goal at The Original Squatchee™ to ensure our customers have superior hat storage solutions that they love.

No More Holes and Nails in Your Walls

No More Holes And Nails In Your Walls

From our stronger adhesive to our logo-emblazoned design, we've thought of everything to provide you with the best hat storage solution possible that won’t damage your walls. Shop Now for The Original Squatchee™ and say goodbye to unsightly holes and nails in your walls forever!​

Creating the perfect hat display can be as simple as using the right hat hook. With the new and improved The Original Squatchee™ adhesive hat holder, you can enjoy a stronger hold without ruining your walls to show off your prized possessions. Shop Now and take advantage of our newest improvements!