Display Your Hats Like Never Before With Squatchee™

Display Your Hats Like Never Before With Squatchee™

If you are sick of your current hat display or hat rack, then we have the product for you! Our Squatchee™ hat clip is designed to be damage-free and easy to install, unlike other hat display options out there. In this blog post, we will be talking all about this product and what you need to know. Keep reading to learn more and display your hats with Squatchee™ today!

overview of the product

What Is a Squatchee™?

Squatchee™ is the perfect damage-free hat display option. It is a first-of-its-kind hat clip that allows you to display the front of your hats on a wall. We also know how important it is to be able to rearrange how they look, which is why our product doesn’t require a drill to install it.

adhesive overview

Easy to Install

This hat clip is simple to install in three easy steps. It comes with foam tape adhesive to stick it to the wall without the use of a drill. First, peel the backing off the adhesive. Then stick it to the wall where you want it and slide your hat in.

wall of hats

Show Off Your Hats

Our hat clip is the perfect option to show off the front of your hats without causing any damage to your walls. You can also add new hats or rearrange your collection quickly and easily. It also comes in two different colors to help work with your room's decor and the colors of your hats!

hats displayed on bunk beds


Our hat clips are a practical hat display option that has simple installation and can be rearranged without the need to drill any holes into your walls. Visit our website today to start displaying your hats with Squatchee™!

Are you looking for a hat hook or hat storage option? Our Squatchee™ hat clips are the perfect choice for you to try! This product is the first of its kind and was designed with the purpose of displaying hats, not just hanging them. If you are interested in trying this product out for yourself, shop the Squatchee™ on our website today!