4 Ways The Original Squatchee™ is Redefining the Hat Industry

4 Ways The Original Squatchee™ is Redefining the Hat Industry

For years, the hat industry has struggled to provide businesses and individuals with a reasonable option to display and showcase hats and sports caps. At The Original Squatchee™, we saw this weakness as an opportunity to transform this aspect. Keep reading to learn four ways that The Original Squatchee™ is changing the hat industry.

The Original Squatchee™ Premium Adhesive Hat Hooks

Display Your Hat Collection

Hats are some of the more unique fashion accessories because lots of people enjoy displaying their hats while they aren’t being worn. The Original Squatchee™ revolutionary hat clips are the best hat hooks available for showcasing your collection. Whether you are displaying hats at home or in a professional setting, these hangers discreetly display the most important part of your hat — the front.

The Original Squatchee™ Hat Storage & Organization

Hat Storage & Organization

Perhaps you aren’t the type to necessarily show off your hats, but still need a functional way to store your collection. Instead of piling them up in your closet, conveniently keep each hat hung within reach with a proper hat storage and organization option. You can arrange these hat hooks in your desired layout, and they are perfect for sticking to any wall.

The Original Squatchee™ Types of Hat Racks

Types of Hat Racks

You could have an apparel boutique and need a way to showcase your inventory or set up a hat wall in your office. No matter what the location or purpose, The Original Squatchee™ is the perfect solution. Some of the uses for our premium adhesive hat hooks include:

  • Home displays

  • Store exhibits

  • Memorabilia display

  • Themed room decoration

  • And so much more

The Original Squatchee™ Affordability & Ease of Use

Affordability & Ease of Use

Displaying hats used to involve the cumbersome installation of shelving or using hangers that provide a sloppy presentation. Our hooks are ready to stick wherever you see fit and store and showcase your hats, while the hooks are almost impossible to notice. Available in 5-Pack or 10-Pack, The Original Squatchee™ is the perfect affordable solution for hat displays.

Hats off to The Original Squatchee™! We’re redefining the hat industry by providing a better way for businesses and individuals to display hats. We provide a simple, yet innovative way to show off your hats and sports caps. Order The Original Squatchee™ today and start showing off your hats in style!